Resources and Downloads

Guides, tips, posters and images to use this Earth Hour.

Earth Hour Poster Downloads

Whether you're a business, school, restaurant, community group, council or family, download one of the posters below to put up and let the world know that you're participating in Earth Hour this year and switching off to #JoinTheFuture. 

Earth Hour 2017


Communities and families


Councils and schools


Earth Hour Schools Day (Friday 24 March)


Businesses and Restaurants


Can't find the poster for you? 

Contact us and ask for our editable posters to add your type of community, group or organisation, in A4 or A3 sizes.

Tips and Guides to help you take part in Earth Hour:


Download Event Pack for Earth Hour 2017 

Download Social Media Pack for Earth Hour 2017

Download the Template Media Release: Earth Hour Community Event here

Download some tips for restaurants taking part in Earth Hour 2017 here.

Download some tips for reducing your individual or business's footprint here.

Download some tips for businesses taking part in Earth Hour 2017 here. 

Download some tips for schools taking part in Earth Hour 2017 here. 



Check out our fun fact sheets below to learn more about the impacts of climate change on the places we love across Australia, and for tips for how you can be climate-friendly while exploring Australia. 

Click here to download the full suite of graphics including the full map, travel tip sheet, and both state and individual factsheet graphics.

Full Factsheet & Tip Sheet


Examples: State based & Individual Factsheet Graphics

For references, click here:


Check out our videos about the Places We Love below.






Download a large, medium or small size Earth Hour logo by clicking on the images below.