Give the gift of solar light

This Earth Hour, you can help us send 500 Earth Hour Solar Lights to Ethiopia and change the lives of these children.

This year for Earth Hour, WWF’s Earth Hour is partnering with Queensland charity SolarBuddy to provide 500 Earth Hour solar lights to rural communities in Ethiopia.

The children in these communities often do not have electricity in their homes and schools. These handy solar lights, which can be charged by simply leaving them out in the sun, will provide many hours of light for these children to live and study by. The solar lights replace carbon-intensive kerosene lamps.

But that’s not all we are trying to do here. Our Earth Hour Solar Lights program aims to let Aussie school kids learn about energy poverty, and how renewable energy can change the lives of those disproportionately affected by climate change.

How does this work?

Under our program, students and kids in Australia assemble our Earth Hour solar lights during special lessons (it’s so easy, even a 7-year-old can do it). They then write a letter to the recipient of this solar light in Ethiopia.

SolarBuddy and WWF-Australia are working together to collect and deliver these lights to rural communities in Ethiopia.

You can help us send 500 Earth Hour Solar Lights to Ethiopia and change the lives of these children.

There are two ways you can help support this budding initiative:

By making a donation to our program, you will not only change the lives of children in Ethiopia by giving them clean light to study, but also help our Aussie kids learn invaluable and meaningful lessons about renewable energy and the economically disadvantaged.

If you are a business or community organisation, and want to take part in our program by purchasing and assembling these lights for a staff event ($45 per light, in boxes of 50), please get in touch. Your purchase will subsidise the costs for more Aussie school children to take part in this activity.

Thank you for your gift.

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