Target: $10,000
Raised: $1725
Required: $8,275

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Can you chip in to help get this message to the Prime Minister?

You’ve been doing your bit to tackle climate change – be it riding your bike to work, installing solar panels on your roof, and of course, taking part in Earth Hour! So we reckon it’s time our Prime Minister did his bit too! Which is why we're asking PM Malcolm Turnbull to switch off for Earth Hour and switch Australia on to clean, renewable energy.

But we can’t do it without you. We want to run these ads in strategic locations, so that everywhere the Prime Minister turns, he’ll come face to face with our request. Can you help us make this light-hearted and fun campaign happen, by chipping in to pay for advertising?

Why is it important that Prime Minister Turnbull switches off?

We believe Prime Minister Turnbull cares about climate change. In fact, prior to becoming Prime Minister he declared, ‘I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective climate action as I am.’

But since stepping up to the big job, we’re yet to see PM Malcolm Turnbull put any of his words into action. That’s why this year, we’re running a cheeky campaign to ask the PM to get involved in Earth Hour. We want to cover his community, his neighbourhood and surround Parliament House with ads, all bearing the question, ‘Dear Mr Turnbull, will you switch off for Earth Hour?’

For $10,000, we’ll be able to: 

- Park a mobile billboard outside of Parliament House and in strategic locations in Canberra for three days

- Have a giant banner made up to display at Red Leaf Beach in Sydney, which can be viewed from the PM’s house

- Cover the pavements in PM Malcolm Turnbull’s neighbourhood with chalkings

- Get specially designed coasters (on sustainable paper!) to plant in pubs in Malcolm Turnbull’s neighbourhood.

But we can’t do it without you - chip in here to help us make this happen.

This is the Prime Minister’s chance to get on board, and send a message to all Australians, that the time for climate action is now. So let’s put him to the test, and make sure he knows we’ll all be watching to see if he switches off for Earth Hour 2016!

Thanks for getting involved, with your help, we can’t wait to kick off this fun campaign!