What is #Connect2Earth?

#Connect2Earth is a challenge to switch off during Earth Hour and reconnect with the natural environment.


 From the national treasure of the Great Barrier Reef, to our iconic koala in the forest, to the much-loved penguins of Antarctica - our unique biodiversity, meaning the wildlife and the natural places we love, face a perilous future if we don’t step up to protect our planet (and our home!) from the impacts of climate change.

So this Earth Hour, it’s easy for all Australians to show they care: just switch off and #Connect2Earth and you will amplify the national conversation on climate change.


The Stories of Earth Hour

The Earth Hour 2019 #Connect2Earth artwork features images of the unique wildlife and beautiful places that are at the forefront of climate change. Each of the images we have chosen to hero has a story.

Click through to discover the impacts climate change will have on these iconic landscapes and the species that call them home.

Connect2Earth Koala poster. Background images © Shutterstock / GunnerL / WWF
Connect2Earth Reef poster. Background image © WWF-Aus / Christian Miller
Connect2Earth Penguin poster. Background image © National Geographic Creative / Paul Nicklen / WWF
Connect2Earth Kimberley poster. Background image © WWF-Aus / Merril Halley

Why the Wi-Fi Symbol?

Did you know that Wi-Fi was invented in Australia? Since then, the Wi-Fi connect symbol has become instantly recognisable. Whether it’s at a cafe, the airport, or at the shops, we look out for this symbol whenever we want to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Earth Hour aims to spark conversations about what it takes to protect our planet. And it starts by connecting to nature. So, this year, we’re asking you to connect to the living network of all things: Australia’s precious natural environment.

That’s why we've chosen to hero the Wi-Fi symbol alongside our iconic species and their habitats so that it symbolises your connection with Australia’s spectacular nature: the Great Barrier Reef, koalas in our forests, our beautiful bushland, and the marine life in the Antarctic.



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Find out how you can #Connect2Earth this Earth Hour.

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Aichi Target

WWF is on a mission to support the UN Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD): to raise awareness about biodiversity and reverse its loss. In line with the CBD’s Aichi Target 1, we want to reach millions of people by 2020, to raise awareness of the value of biodiversity, and the steps that we need to take as global citizens to preserve the precious flora and fauna of our planet.

And it starts by spending time and connecting to nature. By appreciating the wonders of Australia’s natural environment, we learn to value and protect our home for future generations.

You can be part of this exciting movement. For the next three years, we will be asking the whole world to join the conversation during Earth Hour, and share your stories and concerns online on our #Connect2Earth platform. We will be collecting all these stories to feed into the UN process, and your voices will help create awareness and change.