#SwitchOff during Earth Hour and reconnect with the natural environment.

Our unique biodiversity, meaning the wildlife and the natural places we love, face a perilous future if we don’t step up to protect our planet (and our home!) from the impacts of climate change.

So this Earth Hour, it’s easy for all Australians to show they care: just #SwitchOff and raise your voice for nature.


The Stories of Earth Hour

2020 is the most important Earth Hour ever - the year everything changes.

This year, Earth Hour’s artwork highlights the issues impacting us as Australians every day.

2020 is the year we change the trajectory we’re on.
Click through to discover how raising your voice for nature will help change the future.

Change starts now.

Switch Off for Earth Hour Fires & Trees poster - Background Image © Andrew Merry / Getty Images / Kalyakan / Adobe Stock / WWF

Why the Wi-Fi Symbol?

Did you know that Wi-Fi was invented in Australia? Since then, the Wi-Fi connect symbol has become instantly recognisable. Whether it’s at a cafe, the airport, or at the shops, we look out for this symbol whenever we want to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Earth Hour aims to spark conversations about what it takes to protect our planet. And it starts by connecting to nature. So, this year, we’re asking you to connect to the living network of all things: Australia’s precious natural environment.

That’s why we've chosen to hero the Wi-Fi symbol alongside our iconic species and their habitats so that it symbolises your connection with Australia’s spectacular nature: the Great Barrier Reef, koalas in our forests, our beautiful bushland, and the marine life in the Antarctic.



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Find out how you can raise your voice for nature this Earth Hour.

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2020 Vision

2020 is being called a ‘super year’ for the environment.

2020 is going to be the biggest year yet for the United Nations, and for the planet. It’s a year of important global meetings on environmental policy. These meetings are our opportunity to persuade global leaders to make decisions that will benefit our planet’s future, and that we have to protect and restore nature before it’s too late. Click here to find out why they are important in this super year.

High-Level Political Forum, 7-16 July 2020, New York, USA
75th UN General Assembly (UNGA), 15-30 September 2020, New York, USA
Leaders’ Biodiversity Summit, ~20 September 2020, New York, USA
UN Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-15), ~5-10 October 2020, Kunming, China
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-26), 9-20 November 2020, Glasgow, Scotland

The future’s at stake and we are going to need our world’s leaders to act with urgency if we’re to save the one home we all share.


Ensure the future of our planet is at the top of the agenda. Take part in the biggest Earth Hour ever, with millions of people in over 180 countries taking part to raise their voice for nature. Join them and sign up for Earth Hour 2020 here.

#SwitchOff and make this a super year!