Since 2007, Earth Hour has been embraced by communities large and small. Are you representing a community, organisation, landmark or council? This year, we invite you to get involved by switching off to #Connect2Earth at 8.30pm on Saturday 30 March 2019.


Register your participation in Earth Hour, and then join hundreds of communities, organisations, landmarks and councils that want to see stronger action on climate change by sending us your logo to appear on the pledge wall below.


There are many ways your community can get involved in Earth Hour:


  • Switch off for Earth Hour and register your participation

  • Send us your logo to include on our pledge wall to call for strong climate action

  • Host an event for your community in the week of Earth Hour

  • Take part in the Earth Hour Solar Light Challenge

  • Get in touch if you’re interested in becoming an Earth Hour sponsor


Ready to help save the planet?


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Promise For The Planet

We are joining hundreds of businesses across Australia to switch off for Earth Hour 2019 for the future of our planet. We proudly stand as part of a community that wants to #Connect2Earth and see stronger action on climate change.

Business as usual isn’t enough. We need to accelerate Australia’s efforts to limit the dangerous impact of climate change and transition to a zero-carbon economy. We intend to be part of the solution to ensure that the natural resources and ecosystems that underpin our organisation are used sustainably.

We pledge our support for stronger climate action so that Australia can meet its commitments made at the 2015 Paris Agreement. Together we will help protect the planet for future generations.

We’re switching off because…..


We are switching off to #Connect2Earth

Girl Guides Western Australia

Link Group

Mary Mackillop Place

O'connel Community

Samstag Museum