The impacts of the climate emergency have been felt across our country more than ever before with an estimated 1.25 billion native animals killed by the bushfires and over 12 million hectares of Australian land burned.

Over 500 of our native animal species are near extinction. In Australia, we have the worst rate of mammal extinction anywhere in the world.

The catastrophic bushfire season has now further increased this and extinction rates will only continue to climb if we don't solve climate change and the impacts it’s having on our wildlife.

This summer, we witnessed large parts of Australia burning through extended fire seasons, koalas and vulnerable native wildlife perishing in catastrophic bushfires, cities shrouded in toxic smoke haze, drought devastated farms and regional towns, and millions of people marching for stronger and immediate climate action.


Raise your voice for nature this Earth Hour and learn how 2020 will be an important year for our forests.


Raise your voice for our forests