Koalas are fussy eaters. Of the 900 species of eucalypt in Australia - koalas feed on roughly 40 - 50 species. Despite their picky palettes, they evolved over time to get all the nutrients and moisture they needed to survive from eucalyptus leaves.

Sadly, climate change is changing the composition of water and nitrogen content of their favourite eucalyptus leaves, making them less nutritious and offering less water.


More than ever, koalas are risking their lives by climbing down from their trees in search of food and water. The long distances they travel across increasingly fragmented habitat leaves them vulnerable to predators and increases their chance of being hit by cars.


#SwitchOff this Earth Hour and learn more about koalas and their relationship with their habitat below.

How climate change is impacting koalas 


In photos:
Koalas with nowhere to go

Koala carer Clare, from Return to the Wild Inc, has been looking after koalas for decades. Check out some of the photos she has taken during her time in-the-field.


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Koala taking refuge on suburban fence, southeast Queensland © Clare Gover, Return to the Wild Inc. / WWF-Aus