The Antarctic is a delicate ecosystem, nurturing thousands of species on land and in the waters. It’s famous for its seemingly endless white landscapes and majestic icebergs.

Alarmingly, it’s one of the fastest warming places on the planet. Warmer temperatures mean that ancient ice sheets are melting, contributing to rising sea levels and is having a big impact on much of the wildlife that call Antarctica and, its icy waters, home.

Changing landscapes are putting whole colonies of the famous Adélie penguin at risk, while researchers are trying to understand feeding patterns of the mysterious minke whales so more work can be done to protect their potentially threatened food supply.


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How climate change is impacting penguins


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It takes a lot to be able to survive on the Antarctic continent, but penguins do it in style.


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A waddle of Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) in the snow, Antarctica © Cheryl Ramalho