Thanks for switching off and tuning in for #EarthHourLive.


Earth Hour has always been for everyone. Every year, the hour of no power turns individuals into a million-strong community of people raising their voice for nature through the symbolic action of switching off our lights.


In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we  decided to celebrate Earth Hour 2020 a little differently, on Saturday 28 March, we invited Australia to #SwitchOff and celebrate the most important Earth Hour from the comfort of their own homes.


#EarthHourLive Lineup


#EarthHourLive 2020 was hosted by award winning journalist, TV presenter and broadcaster extraordinaire Patrick Abboud.

He was joined by a talented lineup of Aussie artists, comedians and special guests including: Cody Simpson, Montaigne, Jack River, Polish Club, Bobby Alu, Ella Haber, DulcieAlice Skye, Danny Clayton, Akmal, Georgie Carroll, The Stevenson Experience and more!


Watch our highlights of #EarthHourLive 2020 below.


Tune in with our host Patrick Abboud #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Cody Simpson for #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Montaigne for #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Jack River for #EarthHourLive 

Tune in with Polish Club for #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Bobby Alu for #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Ella Haber for #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Dulcie for #EarthHourLive 

Tune in with Alice Skye for #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Danny Clayton for #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Akmal for #EarthHourLive 
Tune in with Georgie Carroll for #EarthHourLive 

Tune in with The Stevenson Experience for #EarthHourLive