By Sarah Alaimo, WWF-Australia



Here is a list of fun things you can do with your kids during Earth Hour to help save the planet.


We’ve found a way that families with kids can still take part in the most important Earth Hour ever - no matter where you are.


Here’s how to beat the boredom while you make the #SwitchforNature this Earth Hour on Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm - local time.

1. Make the #SwitchforNature!
From cutlery to clothes, superfunds to energy - there's so many ways you can make the #SwitchforNature and help the future of our planet.

2. Get artsy and colour with WWF
Print out these beautiful colouring pages featuring species from all around the world! Gather your colouring supplies and let your kids get creative.

3. Find your inner animal
Are you sleek like a snake or reclusive like a turtle? Have your kids find what animal they relate the most to by taking this quiz. There are over 100 possible species!

4. Test your animal knowledge
Play these animal trivia games with your kids to see how much they know about their favorite animals. Earn as many badges as you can!

5. Games to play in the dark
As the lights #SwitchOff for Earth Hour, why not play some fun games in the dark? Here are some enjoyable games to play when the lights are off:

Freaky Faces – make sure you’ve got a torch; sit in a circle, and using a torch, see who can make the scariest face!


Scare Bear – stand in a circle, someone is ‘in’, everyone else turns their backs to the person who’s in the middle and so they are facing out. The person who’s in has to try and scare the other people, one at a time, and the person who screams the loudest loses.


Hide and Sneak – decide who’s the seeker. That person counts to 20 with their eyes shut and everyone else hides. While the person who is seeking looks around the house, the people hiding have to sneak to a different spot. If they get caught they have to help look for the others. Everybody has to sneak at least once. The first person to get caught is the next person to be the seeker.


Ready, set…sardines – it’s the reverse of hide and seek. The person who’s ‘in’ has to go and hide while everybody else counts to 20 with their eyes shut. Then everyone goes in search of the hider. Once the hider is found, each person who finds them must squeeze like a sardine into the same hiding spot, being careful not to make any noise. The first person to find the hider is the next person to be ‘in’.


A shadow puppet show – find a blank wall or set up a white sheet with some candles or torches behind. The kids can practice their shadow puppet hands and use sticks/leaves, etc, and make up stories. Go online before the night begins to get some instructions on how to do shadow puppets.

6. Learn about the importance of tigers through these WWF fun facts and word puzzles
Read through these tiger fun facts with your kids and help them learn more about what they can do to help protect them right from their own home! Then test their knowledge by filling out the Tiger word puzzle.