Thank you for signing up to switch off and #ShapeOurFuture for Earth Hour 2022! Thousands of Australians joined the global movement over the weekend to #switchoff and call for greater action on climate change.


Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge switch off for Earth Hour 2022 © WWF-Australia/Quentin Jones


Thanks to every individual, business and organisation that signed up to #ShapeOurFuture, we saw millions of people around the world #switchoff on Saturday 26 March at 8.30pm. With 192 countries involved and over twenty one thousand sign-ups in Australia alone, this Earth Hour was our planet’s most important yet!

Thousands of people around Australia switched their lights off over the weekend to take a stand and call for greater action on climate change. While switching off during Earth Hour is one way to #ShapeOurFuture, there are so many other ways to make a difference to help our planet. Be it changing to a sustainable superannuation fund or swapping out single-use plastics, you can read all about our favourite ways to #ShapeOurFuture here.

Earth Hour is an annual reminder that our planet needs our help. Every switch off counts toward making Australia a Renewables Nation and ensuring the future of our incredible planet. Join us on our path to Regenerate Australia by making simple switches that have a lasting positive impact.

Here are some of our favourite #switchoff moments from around the world:



@wwf_australia It’s #EarthHour tonight! Click the link in our bio to sign up, #switchoff at 8.30pm, and show your support for greater action on climate change🌏 #fyp ♬ Inspirational Music (Uplifting Background Intro Music) - MusicForContentCreators