All businesses - whether small, medium or large - have an important role to play when it comes to protecting the planet.

Take some inspiration from some of the businesses, councils and landmarks who are supporting Earth Hour this year and learn why they decided to switch off and how they’re celebrating on the night.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up this Earth Hour and switch off at 8.30pm local time, Saturday 26 March 2022. See you there!

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of Australia’s most iconic tourist destinations. In 2022, the Sydney Opera House will be switching off for their 16th consecutive Earth Hour.

“Switching off sends an important message to the community that everybody can get involved in protecting the planet and our community.

“As an important local and international landmark, we hope that by switching off we’ll inspire others and send the message that positive action to protect our planet is everyone’s responsibility.”


BioPak’s mission is to create sustainable packaging that puts the planet first and creates a world without waste.

“BioPak is a proud supporter of Earth Hour and this year we want to start the conversation about environmental issues within our team.

“We will be hosting a screening of the short movie Regenerating Australia in our head office on Friday 25th of March and we will be sharing the ‘1 Special hour, 7 meaningful ways to spend it’ as a great guide to help switching off during Earth Hour and thereafter.”

Gillie and Marc


Gillie and Marc’s mission is to fill the world with inspiring public art that spreads messages of love, equality, conservation and hope. You can find their public works and exhibitions across the globe.

“Our art projects and installations are designed to encourage change and promote conservation of animals and endangered species. But the monumental issue we all face, regardless of species, is climate change.

“We believe that behaviours can change and by taking small steps in shifting our daily routines in positive way, we can all help slow the impacts of the climate crisis.

“We will be spending Earth Hour doing what we love, panting and drawing. It’s a great way to reset or connect with others so we’re encouraging everyone to do some arts and crafts candlelight. We’ve made some colouring in outlines of some of our favourite aquatic artworks to help get everyone started which are free to download here.


Launched in 2021, Anávo is a global recruitment agency specialising in talent acquisition within the energy, sustainability and environmental sectors.

“At Anávo, we are all advocates for a green future. Earth Hour is an incredible initiative that shows our solidarity.

“Our team all have different plans, but we can say with confidence the one thing we all will be doing is lighting candles, and with modern day distractions like TVs turned off, it will be an hour where we can fully appreciate time with our family and friends.”


GECA is a purpose-driven not for profit, helping individuals and organisations to make, buy and do better for people and the planet. Their eco-labeled GECA certified products and services must meet criteria for a wide range of environmental, human health and social impacts across their entire lifecycle, meaning they're a better choice for people and the planet!

“Earth Hour is an excellent opportunity to kick start conversations at work, home, and in the community. At GECA, we recognise the need for collective action on climate change and other critical sustainability concerns. We're always stronger together, and Earth Hour reminds us that we're part of a wider community.

“While we will all be switching off our lights during Earth Hour, some of us will use this time to dive into one of the five inspiring documentaries on offer by Earth Hour's Film Festival with our families and friends.

“Others will take the opportunity to reconnect with their household and chat about adopting new positive behaviours to help the planet. It'll also be a perfect chance to rejuvenate and take some time to appreciate that we're not alone in our passion for creating a brighter future for people and planet!”


You have the power to Shape Our Future.

Sign up to switch off this Earth Hour at 8.30pm local time, March 26.