All businesses - whether small, medium or large - have an important role to play when it comes to protecting the planet. Take some inspiration from just some of the business, councils and landmarks who are supporting Earth Hour this year and why they decided to switch off.

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Don’t forget to sign up this Earth Hour and switch off at 8.30pm local time, Saturday 26 March 2022.

The Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House is switching off for their 15th consecutive year!

Emma Bombonato, Manager of Environmental Sustainability at the Sydney Opera House says, “From our pioneering sea water cooling system, our Drama Theatre’s chilled ceiling design, to the self-cleaning tiles on our sails, we are proud to say that sustainability is in our DNA and are proud to be making the #switchfornature with Earth Hour again this year.

As the symbol of modern Australia and the first Australian performing arts organisation to commit to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the Sydney Opera House has an important responsibility to lead by example. Environmental and social sustainability is a big priority for us, and switching off for Earth Hour allows us to send a powerful message globally about the need to protect our environment.”

sonnen manufactures smart home battery storage systems and offer innovative energy plans to residential customers. For sonnen, switching off this Earth Hour is about demonstrating a commitment to the industry.

"In 2021, sonnen’s local teams in SA, NSW, VIC and QLD will be participating in Earth Hour in our support for a future that will be powered by renewable energy," says Managing Director of sonnen Australia, Nathan Dunn. "We want to demonstrate our commitment to the industry and show that we don’t just work in renewables, it is part of our business and everyday lives as well.

On the night, sonnen staff will switch their lights off, spend quality time with their family and discuss the purpose of Earth Hour and how sustainability has been incorporated into their lives and homes. “Some sonnen employees own sonnenBatteries so their homes will be powered by solar energy even before the lights go out officially during Earth Hour.”

Randwick City Council
Randwick City Council has supported Earth Hour from the very beginning and this year they are holding five special events to celebrate!

This includes information sessions for residents on Randwick's sustainability rebates, a community planting day and two twilight concerts. Visit our events page to learn more about Randwick City Council’s events, and the many others taking place on Earth Hour.

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
"In Australia, last year’s devastating bushfires were felt by all. The damaging effect could even be seen from the cabin windows at Melbourne Star. This Earth Hour is more crucial than ever that individuals and organizations should stand together and show their support. Every year, by switching off for an hour, the community stands together for our environment and in the hopes of building a more sustainable future. Melbourne Star is proud to be involved is this campaign annually and encourages other individuals and businesses to show their support by switching off this Earth Hour."

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel's top tips for making the switch for nature include promoting sustainable transport options for your staff including walking, cycling and taking public transport. Small changes in how a business operates can make a big difference.

"Climate change is a real problem being felt across nature and we're doing our bit to help. This year we will be turning off their building signs, lights, monitors and other electronic equipment in our offices.”

"We’re going beyond sustainability, to be a truly regenerative business. We’re undertaking B Corp certification, becoming completely carbon neutral, and we’ve committed to Pledge 1% as part of our constitution – an Australian first! We’re going to open source our entire process, to help other start-ups do better for the planet too. We know that it’s going to take everyone working together to solve our biggest environmental problems."

Suncorp Stadium
“Suncorp Stadium will make the #SwitchforNature this Earth Hour. Suncorp Stadium is committed to operating in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way to minimise carbon emission output, reduce our environmental footprint and to create a culture focused on community and environment.”

Carbon Positive
“Earth Hour is more than just an hour for the planet. It’s a movement for our future and a call to reduce our energy consumption, one consumer at a time. We all have the power to change the way that we use resources. Small behavioural changes, when added together, can have a considerable impact.”

The Shift Agency
“All this rain has been a daily reminder of climate change. Fires, floods, droughts and pandemics – the impacts of the climate emergency are being felt across Australia more than ever before. That’s why we have signed up #SwitchforNature this Earth Hour

EarthHour isn't just about switching off. It's about starting a conversation that sparks a global conversation about our relationship with nature and how we can live more sustainably. For business, this means asking what your company or sector can do for nature and sustainability rather than what they can do for you, and how enterprise can serve purpose and responsibility.

Learn about others ways your business can make the switch for nature beyond Earth Hour.