Earth Hour Schools Day:
Friday 27 March 2020


Many schools all across Australia are passionate supporters of Earth Hour. Teachers can download our free, curriculum-aligned lessons to teach students about environmental sustainability. We also have plenty of science-based Earth Hour activities on how to care for the environment.

Plus, think about getting students involved in our Earth Hour Solar Light Challenge. They’ll learn invaluable lessons about renewable energy, and get hands-on experience assembling solar-powered lights that will be delivered to school children living in remote areas of Papua New Guinea.


Don't forget, Earth Hour Schools Day is Friday 27 March, 2020. 


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Get students to build solar lights with the Earth Hour Solar Light Challenge.

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School kid, Brisbane. Courtesy of MacGregor State High School

Shine a light on climate change


Earth Hour has partnered with Cool Australia to create a range of classroom-ready resources to enhance student learning and engagement.
Teachers can access the lessons for FREE. Download digital worksheets, smartboard lessons and many more resources on climate change, biodiversity and the environment.

These resources are aligned with the Australian Curriculum content descriptors, general capabilities and address the cross curricular priorities of ‘sustainability’.

At the heart of these lessons is the idea that students can connect with the wider community and take action to make a difference.

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Earth Hour Partners

Earth Hour and WWF-Australia gratefully acknowledge the support we receive from our partners.  


SolarBuddy Cool Australia

Cool Australia


Promise for the planet

We are joining hundreds of Australian schools and universities to switch off their lights for Earth Hour 2020! It’s time to raise awareness and take action for the future of our planet. We proudly stand as part of a community that wants to #SwitchOff and raise our voices for nature and see stronger action on climate change.


Business as usual isn’t good enough. Australia’s future is being threatened by climate change. 2020 is the most important year ever. We need stronger climate action now to conserve Australia’s natural heritage for the future. Our future.  


We intend to be part of the solution to ensure that the natural resources and ecosystems in our schools are used sustainably. We pledge our support for stronger climate action so that Australia can meet its commitments made at the 2015 Paris Agreement. Together we will help protect the planet for future generations.

We are switching off