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Thank you to all the amazing participants who took on Challenge 60 in 2024! Your dedication and enthusiasm for getting active in nature have been truly inspiring. 

The Challenge 60 event for 2024 is now closed.

If you're interested in participating in Challenge 60 in 2025 or getting involved in Earth Hour in other ways, please express your interest below. Together, we can continue to make a difference for our planet!

Thank you again to all the 2024 challengers. We look forward to seeing you in 2025!


Challenge 60 2024 is now Closed

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Will you take time out for nature and join the world’s biggest movement to protect our planet in 2025?

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Join the world’s biggest movement to protect our planet – and get your body moving.
During March, challenge yourself to walk, run, cycle or swim for 60 minutes a day. Switch off and get active in nature to power-up your commitment to a sustainable future for the Earth.

$48,837 raised

$50,000 Goal

$48,837 raised

$50,000 Goal




2,552 hours

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How it works

1. Register

Register online as an individual, team or workplace. Choose your Challenge 60, set your goal and raise vital funds to support nature. 

2. Share

Share your challenge with your network and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your Challenge 60 with a donation.

3. Get Active

Get active in nature for 60 minutes each day from 1-23 March.

Incentives and Awards

There are great incentives and rewards up for grabs! For each Challenge 60 milestone you achieve, you can score some sustainable goodies to help you tackle your Challenge. Look good and feel great as you make a positive impact on the planet. 


Australia is home to unique wildlife found nowhere else in the world. But sadly, we hold the record for the most mammal extinctions on the planet. Biodiversity loss and climate change continue to accelerate – we urgently need to scale-up solutions to address the crisis. Take part in Challenge 60 and shine a spotlight on nature loss to give our planet a brighter future.

Challenge 60 is part of WWF's shared mission to Regenerate Nature by 2030, to create a future where people live in harmony with nature. The funds you raise will support critical conservation projects that protect our wildlife and wild places. You will be helping to protect and restore our planet for everything that calls it home. Learn more about the potential of your fundraising below!

Your Impact


Save and Protect 2 Billion Trees

Trees give us oxygen and shade, provide homes for wildlife, and keep carbon out of the atmosphere. Our planet, our wildlife, our communities – we all need trees to survive.

A donation of $50  could help plant more trees and create homes for thousands of native animals like koalas.

Rewilding Quolls

Quoll Goals

The last eastern quoll ever seen on mainland Australia was in the heart of Sydney in the 1960s – and then it was gone. Now only surviving in the wild in Tasmania.

Raising $150 could help re-introduce eastern quolls to a newly-built fenced safe haven in NSW national park, entirely protected from introduced species

Earth Hour

Track and Protect Whales on Their 'Superhighways'

The oceans have become so dangerous that six out of 13 of the world’s great whale species are now classified as Endangered or Vulnerable

Raising $250 could help create corridors and protected areas where whales can migrate, feed and breed.

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Still curious?

If you're feeling a bit confused about Challenge 60 and have questions, don't worry! We've got all the koala-ty information you need right here. And if you still have questions, reach out to us. We're here to support you to make your fundraising and challenge turtle-y awesome.

What kind of challenge can I do?

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Anything you like! Set your challenge for 60 minutes a day between 1-23 March to raise funds to protect nature. 
Most people will walk, run, cycle, swim, dance or do some sort of physical challenge in nature. But you could pick up litter or even go birdwatching… the choice is yours! Just make sure you tackle your challenge each day between 1-23 March.

What if I'm not a fast walker/runner/swimmer?

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That’s okay. The beauty of Challenge 60 is that you do whatever you want to challenge yourself. For some people, a 60-minute walk each day is a tough challenge. For others, it might be trying to increase their pace in a 60-minute run or hitting as many pool laps as they can in 60 minutes. It’s completely flexible and a personal choice of how you spend your 60-minute challenge time.

How do I track my challenge?

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If you have a fitness watch, you can track your activities and log them to your page. You can also track by using a stop watch or timer on your phone. Otherwise, feel free to keep your supporters updated with alerts through your fundraising page.